So what is this Homesteading ‘thing’?

Homesteading refers to a lifestyle and practice of self-sufficiency where individuals or families live on and cultivate their own land, typically in rural areas. It often involves activities such as growing food, raising livestock, and producing goods for personal use. Homesteading is a choice we have made to live a simpler and more sustainable life.

We believe that Homesteading is important for several reasons:

  1. Self-sufficiency: Homesteading allows us to produce our own food, generate our own energy, and meet our basic needs. It promotes self-reliance and reduces our dependence on external systems.
  2. Sustainable living: Homesteading has encouraged us to create sustainable practices such as organic gardening, renewable energy, water conservation, and waste reduction. We love that it supports a more eco-friendly lifestyle and reduces our ecological footprint.
  3. Food security: By growing our own food, we have greater control over the quality and safety of our food. We enjoy the challenge of finding creative ways to store surplus food for future use.  We also get to share quality food with our community and staff.
  4. Connection to nature: For us, we have been able to foster a deeper connection with the natural environment which has provided a healthier lifestyle and better mental health. It has provided opportunities for outdoor activities and physical exercise, which for us has been more enjoyable than going to a gym.  We have a great sense of curiosity and find huge fulfilment in learning about growing and nurturing our plants and animals (chickens).
  5. Community building: In our experience, the community engagement and cooperation has been incredible.  We have found our tribe to exchange knowledge, skills, and resources and have found the community supportive.
  6. Economic benefits: In part our homestead is helping reduce expenses by producing food and other resources ourselves which in time will help to reduce the reliance on expensive commercial products. It is beginning to generate income through selling our eggs and honey and other homemade goods. Our accommodation is helping us create diversity in our income streams.  Our events are also beginning to generate income for us and also a way of sharing our experiences

In short our homesteading journey is a choice we are making towards self-sufficiency, sustainability, and a more fulfilling and connected way of life.